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Unless you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, in order to work in Canada you must hold a valid employment authorization (EA). In 1998, the Canadian Government issued about 173,000 employment authorizations. The federal government is committed to helping employers create job opportunities for Canadians. In addition to domestic efforts, this sometimes involves supporting the entry into Canada of foreign workers needed by employers to temporarily meet labour market shortages they are otherwise unable to fill. Working with Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is redesigning the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program to facilitate the entry of foreign workers who have obtained an offer of employment in Canada. Except for specific situations (e.g. spouses of foreign students; refugee claimants awaiting determination of their claims), the foreign worker must have a job offer to temporarily work in Canada before he or she can apply for an employment authorization. The federal government does not help place foreign workers hoping to find a job in Canada.

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Some Common Questions:
  1. What kind of salary can I expect?
  2. Do I need to speak a foreign language?
  3. How do I get a work visa? Is this difficult to do?
  4. Can I bring my family?
  5. If I accept an overseas position, how long am I expected to stay?

What kind of salary can I expect?
Salaries are based on experience that is relevant to the position, educational background and overall breadth and depth of technical knowledge. In addition, current individual compensation is examined and compared to the cost of living in the region you are considering. Our goal is to offer compensation packages (inclusive of salary and benefits) which will allow an individual to maintain their quality of life standards.

Do I need to speak a foreign language?
Any qualified candidates should communicate fluently in English with their future colleagues.

How do I get a work visa? Is this difficult to do?
We will make sure you obtain and maintain the appropriate work visas. The documents required vary by country therefore we will advise you of the requirements before the process begins. If required, visas will be provided for your family.

Can I bring my family?
Yes. We will provide appropriate visas for your family as well as information on schools, spousal job opportunities and child care.

If I accept an overseas position, how long am I expected to stay?
Employers realize if someone is relocating overseas, they are not willing to make a lifelong commitment. For permanent positions, a 2-3 year commitment is expected. For consulting positions, the length of commitment varies but is typically 1 year.


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