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Assessment for immigration to Canada

The practitioners of Zee InfoTech have up-to-date knowledge of regulations and procedures pertaining to visa applications, immigration and citizenship.

We offer free preliminary assessments for people who consider immigrating to Canada, seeking refugee status in Canada or coming temporarily for work, for studies or just for a visit. Based on your personal circumstances and qualifications, we can also provide you with a detailed report on the various and most effective avenues available to you to immigrate to Canada.

For permanent residents seeking Canadian citizenship, we provide eligibility assessments, study guides in several languages, sample tests and translation services.

As one of Canada's leading full service Immigration consulting and resettlement companies, we have the expertise and network to help you establish yourself successfully upon arrival in Canada and to find meaningful employment.

The president of the Zee InfoTech is a member of the "Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Counsel"., Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants" and Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants., Fellow Member of Canadian Migration Institute & Corporate Member of Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok, Thailand.

[ Last Updated : August 5th, 2011 ]

immigrating to canada

Canadian Immigration Policy
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Coming to Canada Temporarily
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Working in Canada
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International Students
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Canadian Citizenship
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Information about Canada
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Immigrating to Canada
How we can help:
1) Determine which immigration category is best for your particular situation by going to our immigration page or by forwarding us your detaied resume
2) Complete the online assessment form for the immigration category you are applying for. (skip this step if you forward us your resume)
3) Receive your assessment results and a complete information package by email.
4) Send us your confirmation to proceed and we send you the application forms with further information on documentation requirements.

Self-Directed Applications
How we can help:
If you are going to handle your immigration file by yourself but need assistance on immigration issues and interview preparation, you may ask for our Self-Directed Immigration package.

Citizenship Applications
How we can help:
If you wish to establish your eligibility to become a Canadian citizen, Zee InfoTech offers you a complete set of references, samples test, forms and detailed instructions on how to make a realistic assessment of your likelyhood to meet the creteria for Canadian citizenship.
To find out more, please go to our Citizenship page.

Refugee Status
How we can help:
While Canada accepts between 20 and 30 thousand refugees for permanent resettlement each year, the policies and decision process remain quite arbitrairy and highly subjective.
Whether you need basic advise or full representation for an appeal process, Zee InfoTech can help.
For further details please go to our Refugee Page .

Temporary Workers
How we can help:
Canadian employers are always seeking foreign workers to fill key positions for which Canada is experiencing a temporary labour shortage. Furthermore, many barriers have been removed for certain professionnals from countries covered by NAFTA.
As timing is critical for any new employment, Zee InfoTech will ensure that your Canadian Employment Authorization is processed quickly and on time.
For further details, please go to the Working Visa page.

coming to canada

International Students
How we can help:
Canada is rapidly becoming a destination of choice for international students. Lower cost and consistant reputation are some of the main reasons to select Canadian institutions over American ones.
Zee InfoTech can help you find the University or College that is right for you, ensure that you are granted a Student Authorization and assist you with locating convenient housing even before you arrive in Canada.
See our Student Visa page or exclusive website for Student Visa.

Living in Canada

Immigration News

June 30, 2011
Breaking News: Changes Announced for Three Canadian Immigration Programs
... - [read]

January 4, 2009
Canada New Immigration Law for Federal Skilled Workers. Bill C-50
... - [read]

January 24, 2008
Expedited Labour Market Opinion Canada's Pilot Project program to bring more workers in Canada
... - [read]

December 14, 2006
Canada’s New Government to Extend Off-Campus Work Program to More International Students
... - [read]

June 26, 2006
Good News for International Students... - [read]

April 18, 2005
Good News for Spouse and Common-Law Partners... - [read]

April 14, 2004
Judy Sgro, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and Anne McLellan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, today announced new regulations that will, on April 13, 2004 - [read]

September 17, 2003
All new skilled worker applicants and those currently in the system who have not yet received a selection decision will be assessed with a pass mark of 67.
... - [read]




Information for Agents
We are actively seeking strategic alliances with individual or corporation from all over the world interested in representing the fastest growing Canadian Immigration Consulting Firm.
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