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Your Resume is your Ambassador

Your resume is your ambassador in the job market. Employers decide whether to contact you or not, based on this very crucial document. Writing a winning resume may take up to several days, however it is one of the most important aspects of your career management.

We assist job-seekers in writing effective cover letters and optimizing their resume for general use or for any specific job opening.

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There is no absolute rule as of what a resume must look like, how many page it may consist of, etc. We believe that different type of careers may call for different type of layout in the resume since one may wish to project an image suitable to a specific career path. For example, someone pursuing a career in a legal field will probably want to project an image of reliability, analytical, sophistication in language skills, and sharp mind. In contrast, someone pursuing a career in fashion design will need to express a high degree of creativity. This goes far beyond the simple choice of words the character you want to convey will determine the choice of fonts, and general layout of your resume.

The type of presentation and layout given as examples are based on the feedback we received from a large number of company recruiters -the very same people who look at those resumes and decide which ones are worth retaining and which ones go in the "round file" (trash can).

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Don't brag, let your background speak for itself by sticking to the facts. Make clear and to the point statements.

Avoid vague phrases and generalities. Don't mention unrelated matters such as: marital status, your blood type, your ability to drive a car, your astrological sign, how many countries you traveled to, etc.

Use one kind of font throughout your resume. Chose a font that is easy to read, such as: Times New Roman, Times, Arial, Book Antiqua, Helvetica, Bell MT, or Garamond. Use no more than 2 font sizes, and use the larger on sparingly. Use an 11-point font for the general text and a 14-point font for the titles. Leave plenty of white space and center or align text so that it looks balanced on the page. Bold, italicize, underline and s p a c e in a consistent way throughout your resume.


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