Canadian Citizenship

Introduced in 1947, Canadian citizenship is now a highly a prized possession. Before that time Canadians were British subjects. Many prospective immigrants list the gain of Canadian citizenship as a primary reason for immigrating to Canada.

If you wish to establish your eligibility to become a Canadian citizen, Zee InfoTech offers you a complete set of references, sample test, forms and detailed instructions on how to make a realistic assessment of your likelihood to meet the criteria for Canadian citizenship.

Requirements to become a Canadian Citizen: .........
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Canadian Citizenship Eligibility Assessment: ...........

Requirements to become a Canadian Citizen:

    If you are an Adult you must:
  • be 18 years of age or more.
  • be a permanent resident of Canada have lived in Canada for at least three of the four years before applying.
  • be able to communicate in English or French.
  • demonstrate knowledge about Canada and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.
  • You must be able to answer questions about Canada in a written citizenship test.
  • You must take the Oath of Citizenship.
    A child must:
  • be a permanent resident of Canada.

  • Children don't have to conform to the three years residency requirement and don't have to write the citizenship test.
    You cannot become a Canadian citizen if:
  • you are under a deportation order.
  • you have been charged with or convicted of an indictable criminal offense in the past few years.
  • you are or have recently been in prison or on probation.
  • you are under investigation for war crimes.
  • your citizenship has been revoked.



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